Welcome to October - Fall is here!

October is a great month for our beautiful part of the world. If you love the outdoors, this is one of the best times to come to Beavers Bend. The weather is so nice and there are several activities to enjoy. From fishing, hiking, riding ATV's to sitting out side talking around a warm fire or even sitting on the patio of Peaceful Peak, one of our amazing cabins that will fill you with complete serenity, which brings me to a poem that I read. It reminded me of being in this area and staying at a beautiful cabin. It is called "The Soul Print" by Scott McIntire.

Sitting in peaceful places
Upon natures natural faces
Silent sounds of the river rushing
The wind with the trees harmoniously brushing.

Quiet clouds above calmly passing by
A sea of blue and white that pleases the eye
Mountains in the distance sits still in yellow light
The sun ahead constantly coloring every sight.

Never again will we ever be here
At this very moment let us not fear
For this is where the mind is content
This is where the Soul leaves its Print.

I hope that everyone will enjoy reading this poem as much as I did. Have a great month!

God Bless you all!!